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Profession: Model and Actress
Address: 402 Ramlakshmi Niwas
16th Road (Near Khar Gym), Khar (W)
Mumbai 400 054

Tel: 22-6054440 / 6463744 / 6463930

Nick Name: Aishu

Popularly Known As: Ash

Date of Birth: 1st November, 1973

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Place of Birth: Karnataka

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 55 kgs

Eyes: Green-Blue

Identification Marks: Mole on left hand above elbow

Languages Known: English, Hindi , Kannada, and Tamil

Awards: Miss World 1994,
Most Photogenic Face,
Miss India 1994 Runner-Up,
Screen Weekly 1997,
Discovery of the year (Screen 1998)
Most Promising Newcomer,
and many more to come...

Her Favourites(very imp 4 devotees)
favourite Drink
This sounds like an endorsement but honestly, I like Coca-Cola.
Otherwise, I love coffee. It's a very typical, South Indian taste.
I also regularly have lime and honey in hot water. It's good for your skin and system.

Favourite pastime
I love to interact with people. That's my favourite pastime. Otherwise, if I'm alone, I love
listening to music. I enjoy dancing as well but not when I'm alone (laughs). Music is my best
friend. It peps me up when I'm low and keeps me melancholic at times. Also, when I want to party
,it's there to add the groove. It's there for you in all your moods.

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